All, Thanks to all the countless hours you invest to make Tomaopalooza. I assisted in cutting samples, but felt I should have done more. Craig it was great to see and speak with you again. The location was impressive! The tomatoes however, weren’t too impressive this year I'm guess due to the showers we've all had this year. In fairness to the tomatoes, it would be nice if submission guidelines were made available to attendees. This may help get a more consistent taste comparison. I know this doesn't address all the variables, but it may help people decide what to bring.  
Craig (nctomatoman)
7/30/2012 08:21:45 am

Hey Steven - thanks for your slicing help! Some good ideas - which are challenging to do with the difficulty of estimating peak ripeness, seasonal weather, etc - but food for thought. I think for the tomatoes I brought, some were definitely better one week ago. The exception were most of the dwarfs, which were at their best right around Tomatopalooza time. Sourcing tomatoes will become more of a challenge - I had far too large a percentage of tomatoes at the event than I am comfortable with! Lots to ponder for next year.


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