One of the best things about summer is tomatoes of course...and one of the best things to do with great tomatoes is to make great salsa.  So it just makes sense to try our hand at a very informal Salsa competition to help make Tomatopalooza X just a bit more special.

Here are some categories and guidelines to consider (I am making this up as I go along - Tomatopalooza events are pretty laid back, so let's call these rough guidelines):

  • Traditional Salsa
  • Salsa including fruit
  • Beyond the traditional - you decide what that means

We will look for visual interest, flavors, and heat in the assessment - as well as overall creativity.  Everyone will get a chance to vote on all of the Salsas in these three categories.  We can explain the voting/recording procedure at the event.

Suggested guidelines - please make the salsa in sufficient quantity so that a reasonable number of people can try a reasonably sized sampler.  Please provide (and take home!) serving containers, any utensils needed, and any dipping companions needed.  The facility cannot supply any heating/cooling, plates (beyond the ones we are providing for the tasting), or utensils.

If you are going to make any at the incendiary level, please provide adequate cautionary indications! 

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