Was a very nice event and great venue.
Enjoyed seeing, tasting all the tomatoes, gave me the knowledge I needed for what to grow next year.

Mexico Midget and Cossack Pineapple are 2 on the list for sure.

Also Cherokee Green.

My 3 Dwarfs are plugging along, still only the Rosella Crimson has fruit, just 2-3 small tomatoes largest about the size of a silver dollar.
The Summer Sunrise and Chocolate Champion keep dropping blossoms everyday.
The heat and humidity which doesn't look like it going to end until at least September is taking its toll.

I am dusting them with copper fungicide every 5 days to try to stave off what ever blight is trying to murder them.

So what tomato won best tasting and most unusual?

I see what Salsa's won but no mention of the tomatoes 

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