I often yearn for the ultimate combination...bread.. mayo, and the perfect tomato. One must have just the right amount of salt and fresh pepper with just the right bite. The preferable temperature should be in the range of 78 to 83.5 with a breeze slightly from the west at about 6.2 mph....Humidity levels are best when between 55 and 65 relative humidity. It is also important to understand the nature of the tomato dribble.... One must exhibit a slight staining of clothes to verify you have made the best of juice, mayo and chewing of tender flesh. If stains are not present on your clothes suspicion reigns high that one is not dedicated to the project if need be one could actually be disqualified from the whole process. At least one would have trouble reaching the lofty position of Master Tomato Taster and Vegetable authority. We will not address the problems of sophistication of taste and smell....It is a complex issue not often discussed in the open public but is confined to the secret meetings of the International Tomato Congress. They meet yearly in Geneva to discuss time and tomato problems. So it is with the lofty tomato....Thanks for giving me a place to write my most serious thoughts regarding the seductive red ornament usually referred to as the tomato. Oh glorious juicy flesh...remain close to me and in times of need comfort with your tender pulp. Let me keep you fresh and when you are sliced know that the juice you render is not given in pain but in quest of the sublime. 

Tom Mann
July 2012 

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